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Name: Leona Julianna McKenzie

Age: 14, nearly 15

Gender: Female

Eyes: silvery blue. They are slightly uneven in coloring- her right eye is more silver than the left.

Hair: Golden brown, flowing with gentle waves down to her waist, if she lets it down.

Skin: Quite pale, but not in a way that makes her look ill.

Height: Five foot two Inches (158 cm)

Type: Demi God.

Attitude: Quite quiet, but not exactly shy- she’s not scared of them, but she just doesn’t mind being on her own. Leona never intentionally hurts someone’s feelings, but she can without meaning to. She’s intelligent, arty, and very musical for a child of a god other than Apollo. She plays Violin, Piano, Viola and Flute, but her singing voice has something to be desired… Also, she’s not great at sports. She can perform alright at something that involves luck- such as throwing in athletics, or making other people fall over in the middle of a game, but when there’s actual skill, she’s not great at sport.

Immortal Parent: Tyche

Mortal Parent: Erik McKenzie- he’s a Latin and Greek teacher at a private school near London.

Other notable family (optional): Only her dad and grandma are alive on the mortal side of the family, but her Gran is really old. She also has a younger half-brother, called James.

Country of Origin: She was born in Britain, but her parents met when Erik McKenzie went to ESU to get a degree in Classical Civilizations. They have just moved back to the big apple when her dad tells her about her mum.

Pets (optional): When she was little, she had a goldfish, which she called lucky. Unfortunately, he was very unlucky and died in a week. After that she hasn’t been trusted with animals. She likes them, but she’s not great at looking after them.

Talents: Very musical, arty and intelligent. These are way beyond the norm for a demigod who isn’t in either Apollo or Athena cabin, and beyond some of the less talented members of those cabins. However, she is terrible at sports, doesn’t understand ICT at all (which might be useful at camp), Doesn’t understand fashion at all and doesn’t really care about how she looks or whether she gets a boyfriend or whatever.

Weapon: She prefers to use a wooden bow with sharp metal edges, so it can be used at shor or long distance. She uses it because it works better for her than a sword or knives. She also uses a javelin with a long leather grip.

Items (you need special permission and can add it later READ THE RULES!):

Flaws: Relies on Luck way too much for her own good.

Likes: Playing music and drawing. Also likes intellectual challenges, particularly classical languages, maths and science.

Dislikes: Writing (if you were dyslexic, would you?), sport, fashion, really girly girls, boys who follow the “LAD Bible” (aka guys who think it’s cool to act really stupid and mean)

Power: She has the most ridiculous amount of luck. She can give other people luck for a while, or take it away. Leona can also stop herself being lucky.

Life Before camp half-blood: Leona lived on the school campus of the private boarding school her father worked in. When she was 7 she got into her dad’s school after going to the local state school from reception (kindergarten). When she was 13, her dad realised that Leona was going to start attracting monsters soon, and decided it was time to take her to New York for her safety. He spent months trying to find a good place, and it took till she was nearly 14 for them to get settled in to an apartment near central park. He’s worked at NYU ever since, while Leona went to a school for children with “learning disabilities” in the suburbs.

Starting point: Her dad’s apartment, just before they head to camp.

role play Example: Leona swung open the door, locking it behind her.
“I’m home!”

Leona really wasn’t expecting a reply. Her father normally wasn’t back by now.
“Hello, honey.
Her dad sat down on his favourite chair, which he got when they moved to this apartment. They looked nothing alike.
Leona sighed. Her father only used that voice when about to give out a detention, hold someone back a year or give her a “talk.”
She walked slowly into the open-plan living room and dropped down onto the old leather sofa.
“What is it? Did grandma die? Did you find my mum? Did James get expelled again?”

Erik McKenzie gave Leona a confused look.
“What? James is with his mates in the park, and you know how Grandma is. But your mum…”
Leona rolled her silvery-blue eyes. “Just say it.”
“Well, you know how I said your mum just left me one day..?”
Leona’s eyebrows rose, and she leant back slightly.
“I know. What’s your point?”
“You’re meant to be a professor! How could any student take you seriously if you’re this slow at getting anywhere?!”
“Honey, your mother was a goddess.”
Leona wanted to laugh at her dad’s stupid lie. He never could make a decent story. “I said hurry, not lie!”
“Ever seen me lie?” Her dad’s eyebrows rose a tiny bit, questioning.
“Yeah. Five seconds ago.”
“She was a goddess”
“Repeating a lie doesn’t make it true.”
“Nor does denying the truth make it wrong.” Her dad leant back into his new yellow armchair. “Your mum was a goddess, like it or not, and all those myths I teach.” His voice suddenly turned really serious, way more than before. “They’re true.”
“They’re explanations for lightning, how strange love is, how we got fire, why wars start…”
“Two thousand years’ time, you’ll be a myth, so accept it.”
“So I’m supposed to just start believing in a load of dusty long-bearded old gods?”
“Oh, you’ll believe…” Her dad said it like he actually believed this load of junk that had just spewed out of his mouth. “When monsters start chasing you, you’ll believe this, but there’s a safe place for demi-gods. Just go pack, I’ll explain in the car.”
Leona guessed there was no harm seeing how brave her dad was. How far he would take this. Worst that could happen? She might look a bit stupid, but Leona could deal with that for the humour this could cause.
“What should I take on this hare-brained excuse for a trip of yours?”

“Anything you might need for the next 12 months or so.”
Her music and art stuff obviously would be taken-
“12 months!?”

color: Green

Any notes about your characters: Leona is Dyslexic- ADHD, but the ADHD is quite mild.

She brings her musical instruments and some of her art to camp, but nothing with any powers/ magic etc, so I don't think it needs to go in items. Please say if it does!
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