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FORUM RULES: -OBEY RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -listen to the Admin! -no Swearing, inappropriate conversations or stuff like that. -no Power Playing (ex. A stabs B in the heart and kills him. instead, say A tries to stab B, directing towards his heart) -no Personal Info or notifying others of your password -you Must Ask Permission To Get A Quest, big three character, immortal character or special item. -immortal is different than invincible -please don't post in the RP area until your character is approved by an admin or moderator. -no Harassing or threatening others -no excessively Godlike Characters (abnormally Strong Characters) or perfect characters -no SPAM (not even the caned kind) -users can only rp gods if they have permission or if they are Admin (myself) -no spoilers from the books -no bossing People Around -no taking anything from the site without permission (my permission, the admin) -don't beg people to join your site. -at first you can have 5 characters. then I or other admins or staff will give you more according to your ranking. -do not go into someone else's cabin except on special circumstances -do not leave camp without permission. -you can become a cabin leader when you join a empty cabin, or become a leader when you have the most points, and if you do and someone else is leader than you can challenge them, but go to the counsel room and announce it first. p.s. (Johnathan is important, there is a reason for him) in the beginning, it will kind of be like you have 6 points, not to be confused with the other points that you receive regularly. the first rule you violate you will receive only a warning unless it is severe. if you disobey a rule after that, you receive a warning. each warning you get after that takes away 1,2,or 3 (rarely, but sometimes 4) points depending on how bad it is most offenses will cost 2 points. when you run out of points your account is deleted. each warning you get lowers your number of points (the other points, for every point that you lose you lose 25 points.) you can report people for violating rules in need help?/permissions, or you can pm me, but you need proof of the offense. for every point you lose, you get banned for 3 days times the number of points lost. if you are an admin or moderator and you violate these rules or the admin/moderator rules, you may either get 3,4,or 5 points taken away or your account deleted. you will be taken off your high position.