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Post  ThisIsSadlyNotSparta on Thu Apr 21, 2011 2:29 pm

Name: Aqulina Julia Rayne
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Eyes: Light blue
Hair: Black with blond streaks
Skin: Caucasian
Height: 5 foot 6
Type: Demigod
Attitude: Bossy, fair, stubborn
Immortal Parent: Zeus
Mortal Parent: Jessica Rayne
Country of Origin: USA
Pets: Tempest "Tempy" the eagle
Talents: Swordfighting, Archery, Art, can master pretty much anything if she wants to and tries hard
Weapon: Hurricane the celestial bronze sword
Flaws: Stubborn, bossy, desperate to be in charge
Likes: The sky, clouds, eagles
Dislikes: Poison ivy, social workers
Powers: Flight, electricity blasts
Life Before camp half-blood: No memory.
Starting point: Cabin 1
role play Example: I walked to thre Empire State Building. I saw the guard doing paperwork. This is my last chance to back out, I thought. I walked up to the desk, anyway. The guard looked up from his possibly endless paperwork. "Floor?" "600, please. I need to visit my father." "There is no 600th floor. And who is your father, may I ask?" "Zeus." He looked uncertain for a second. "Proof?" I sighed. I unclasped my Camp Half-Blood bead necklace and dropped on his desk. He looked carefully at the beads. "Okay. Here's the key. One visit to Olympus only, then it expires." I felt so relieved. "Got it. Thank you!" I ran into the elevator and pressed the button for Olympus. A waited as the elevator at first went up at normal speed, then suddenly sped up. I fell backwards into the wall, and might have passed out. I opened my eyes and the door opened. I straightened myself up, unfrizzing my hair. I walked into Olympus. I spotted Zeus and ran over to him and grabbed his arm. "Dad, we need to talk."
color: Dark Blue

characters : Lisette "Liesie", daughter of Poseidon, loves horses
Chloe, daughter of Demeter, loves animals
Olive, dryad, loves nature
time zone (important) : Eastern Time
cabins : 5-Ares, 13-Hades, 11-Hermes, 1-Zeus, 7-Apollo, 10-Aphrodite
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