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Raven Sinclair (wip) Empty Raven Sinclair (wip)

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Name: Raven Sinclair
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Eyes: Dark Brown
Hair: Black with a steak of teal
Skin: Tan
Height: Five foot Seven Inches
Type: Demi God.
Attitude: Quiet, she tends to be with drawn but the more she gets to know someone the more open she becomes. She also is kind hearted.
Immortal Parent (you need special permission for some READ THE RULES!(satyrs,water nymphs and dryads can skip this and anything else related to parrents): Hades
Mortal Parent: Jacob Sincalir
Other notable family (optional): N/A
Country of Origin: USA
Pets (optional): A pygmy owl named Talon
Talents: Raven can sing, and is good at baking.
Weapon: Currently she doesn't have one.
Items (you need special permission and can add it later READ THE RULES!):
Flaws: She's a bit anti-social, untrusting towards strangers and has low self esteem.
Likes: Music, Baking, Reading, Wandering around.
Dislikes: Heights, liars, cheaters.
Powers(must relate to god parent; optional): Shadow traveling, and summoning the dead, though currently she can only do it one at a time.
Life Before camp half-blood: Raven's mother had died when she was giving birth to Raven. Raised by her father she was never the girly type, so that wasn't easy for her. When her father moved her to Brooklyn she was 14 and had started high school. Loving it there things started happening and one ended up with her boyfriend being killed. Taken to Camp Half Blood by a Satyr who was a teacher, it's currently where she lives now.
Starting point (where you start in the rp): Chiron's Office.
role play Example: Raven walked quietly down the sidewalk. Earbuds in she was bobbing her head along to the music while she headed towards the mess hall. Gods she was hungry, stepping inside she took a seat at a table. Eating could wait right now she just needed some time to think.
color: Black
Any notes about your characters: N/a

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