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Willow Kirkland, Daughter of Hades Empty Willow Kirkland, Daughter of Hades

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Name: Willow Kirkland

Age: 12 1/2

Gender: Female

Eyes: Silver, gray

Hair: Black

Skin: She is very pale

Height: Five foot one

Type: Demi-god

Attitude: Cold to people she doesn't know but will try to make them mad just to see what would happen, if you somehow end up being her friend she is loyal and will do her best to be nice (though it doesn't come easy to her) she'll end up helping you from the sidelines or if she sees you really need help she will stand up for you

God Parent: Hades

Mortal Parent: Amilea Kirkland

Other notable family (optional):

Country of Origin: England moved to America while she was running away

Pets (optional): She has no real pets, but has a raven, recently named 'Keme' which is a native name meaning 'talking bird' or 'secrect', that always follows her around, that she sees as a friend

Talents: she can sing fairly well, she draws, and she is very fast runner as well

Weapon: She loves to use her knifes

Items (you need special permission and can add it later READ THE RULES!): she has a journal she keeps with her as well as her two pocket knifes and her swiss army knife

Flaws: Adhd, She closes herself off from people, and doesn't give trust easyly, it's easy to make her mad but she won't show that she is, but if she is in a bad mood it's easy to tell, she also has anger problems and can hold a grudge, also she can get very violent

Likes: High places, reading, drawing, watching people fight, drawing people when they're not looking, hiding, her knifes

Dislikes: Fake people, her mother, being noticed when she is hiding or drawing people, people trying to tell her what to do, being kept in the same place for too long, annoying people, people who think they're better than her, people taking away her knifes, people starting stuff with her

Powers (must relate to god parent; optional): She is able to use shadows, blending into them, moving them, shaping them and using them as weapons

Life Before camp half-blood: Her mother sent her to an asylum when she was little because she kept telling her about the 'monsters' she saw, she was even able to draw them, detailed, somehow when she was around eight years old, she was released no reason why, they just let her go they said her mother was coming to pick her up, she left before she could even have a chance to see her mothers car come up the driveway. The way willow saw it, her mother, her supposed to be proctector, left her /alone/ in a home for crazy people when she was /little/ because she saw monsters, and she hated her for that. She ended up a run-away and a pick pocket, And she was good at it to. She had posters all over england looking for her, posters from the police and her mother. But she was a smart girl and she always traveled, she traveled to america living her own way. That's how she found camp half-blood, well more like she was found in the 'off-limits' part of the forest by a wood elf and taken into the camp, being mistaken for a camper.

RP Example: I was sitting in a random tree in the forest, drawing the most wonderful scene; A really quiet area, well except for the running water, The scene was a grove with a river going right through it, the light shineing just right off of the water, with a few animals drinking. That strange raven that has been following me around for the past couple months flew over landing on my shoulder. I moved some of my midnight black hair out of the way as he looked at my drawing, then at me as if saying 'Why do you draw things like this?'. I don't know why, but sometimes i think i can understand this strange raven.. 'Maybe I should give him a name, I can't just keep calling him raven if he's going to be stubborn and stay with me..' I thought as I looked into his golden eyes with my silver ones. I thought for a moment then decided on a name. "Raven. I think i'm going to name you Keme." my voice, although soft, was heard by the nearby drinking animals who in turn looked at the two of us in the tree, noticing us for the first time, and ran. I sighed closing my journal and looked at my newly named raven, Keme. "Good thing i finished the drawing already, huh Keme." he just looked at me and i took his silence as a 'yes.'. 'sometimes, just a little, i wish i had a friend that acually could talk back to me, but i doubted that i would living this way.. even if i did meet someone, why would they want to be friends with an 'un lady-like, easyly angered, insane trouble maker' -as my mother called me, god how i hated that woman if i never saw her again it would be too soon.- like me?' I looked back at Keme who was looking at me with his head cocked to the side as if asking 'What are you thinking about?' I let loose one of my rare smiles "It's nothing Keme.." 'What was i pouting about? I do have a friend, he just doesn't talk like i do.' "You there! In the tree!" I stopped smiling hanging upside down from the branch i was sitting on, coming face to face with a tall lady, who looked a bit mad and i held in a smirk keeping my face business-like, "Yes, may i help you?" I couldn't help but smirk at the face she made at my words. "Young lady! you should not act like this! and you really should not be in the off-limits section of the forest!" i rolled my eyes jumping down from the branch, "You sound just like my mother." I said with as much distaste as i could put into the words, she was the only person i could ever really hate with all my heart. she grabbed my hand pulling me into what i now saw to be a camp.
((Ooc: do you think i did enough here?))

Any notes about your characters: Do /Not/ mess with her knifes.. you don't wanna know what she'll do to you, as stated before She can hold a grudge.

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