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Blake Relic, The Rel!c K!ng's #1 Charecter Empty Blake Relic, The Rel!c K!ng's #1 Charecter

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I've red all the Percy Jackson books and now I feel like this could be kinda easy, or maybe not...XD

Name:Blake Jameson Relic
Age:16 1/2
Hair:Midnight Black, Redish Hue.
Immortal Parent:Dionysus
Mortal Parent:Kim Dionca Relic
Other notable family (optional):Great-Grandson of Apollo,Grandson of Selene((Goddess of the Moon))
Country of Origin:Ary,Scotland
Pets (optional):None
Weapon:I'd use anything thats related to a Foil or Sword....Otherwise I use my hands.
Flaws:I can sometimes get off track of the real task at hand, I fall easyly for some girls that are my Type.
Likes:Horses,Being Alone,Being Active
Dislikes:Stupidity,Annoyance,People who think they can beat me up.
Powers(must relate to god parent; optional):I have the power to make others go made, and I'm able to grow vegetation especially wine grapes.
Life Before camp half-blood:There was no life before this place...All I had was my Mother. We traveled a-lot. When we came to the US we were attacked...A man and woman brought me here. And that only happened about 4 or 3 yrs ago. I miss my mum Kim though. Sometimes I dream about her others times I wake up sweating bullets having nightmares of the night she died....
Starting point (where you start in the rp):In the Dionysus Cabin
role play Example:
Blake rolled his shoulders, his nicely toned skinned rippled with excitment for the race. He's always sent to boarding schools when the summer isn't here. He thinks its because his mum had demanded that he be properly educated as she put it, in her will. He had been so distracted thinking about the and his mum he didn't hear the horn blow. The three other boys and one girl were ahead of him by far. He springs forward like a cat in a open plane. He runs faster then this prepy(?) rich kids. Of course he was once of them but he wasn't prepy(?) just slightly rich enough. He by passed one boy and pumped his legs faster. He began sweating from the heat outside. It was almost summer...soon he would be returning to Camp. He passed two more boys and was close to the finish line. The girl had long legs and he knew that she was bred for running. Yes bred, thats what these rich american pigs call them self. He rolls his eyes and passed her with ease. He slid across the finish line and looked up. The rich americans looked tired out and were panting heavily. Same went for Blake. He needed a brake. But he knew that he would never get one.
color:Midnight Blue
Any notes about your characters:No
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